Porting License Clause for Computer Reseller Agreement

Add a Porting License clause to your computer reseller contracts with this downloadable template. The license allows the reseller to port software products over to hardware configurations not provided by the supplier.

Click the "Download" button to download the free file, or copy and paste the text below into your VAR contracts.

Software Porting License

1. Manufacturer hereby grants Reseller a non-exclusive, non transferable Software Porting License for the Software Products listed on Schedule /__/ attached hereto and made a part hereof. The Software Porting License permits Reseller to:

(a) make use of Manufacturer's full-use versions of the Software Products on Reseller's Designated System solely for purposes of transferring an existing Software Product to a hardware and/or operating system environment distinct from the Manufacturer Hardware specified in the Development License granted to Reseller, providing technical support to Customers, and reproducing the Software Products to the extent necessary for safekeeping and archival purposes; and

(b) temporarily transfer the Software Porting License to a back up system if the Designated System is inoperative or unusable.

2. Reseller understands and agrees that it shall not use the Software Porting License for any other purpose.

Download: Porting License Clause for Computer Reseller Agreement

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