Certificate of Shareholder Consent to Sale of Assets

Prepare a certified copy of a resolution of the shareholders of a corporation, authorizing the transfer of all of the corporation's assets to a buyer.

This is a generic form which is not country-specific. Download the free file, or copy and paste the text below.


RESOLVED, that the holders of all outstanding shares of stock of ________________________________ (name of Corporation), hereinafter referred to as "the Corporation," hereby consent to transfer all property of the Corporation to __________________________ name of transferee, hereinafter referred to as "the Purchaser," subject to the assumption of any and all debts and obligations of every name, type, and nature of the Corporation by the Purchaser, and upon such other terms as are set out in the copy of the Agreement of Sale written between the Corporation and the Purchaser dated ____________________, 20_____, a copy of which is attached to this resolution.

The undersigned shareholders do hereby consent to the aforementioned transfer of property:

Name of Shareholder Number of Shares Signature

________________________ ________ ___________________________

________________________ ________ ___________________________

________________________ ________ ___________________________

Certified this ________ day of _______________________, 20____ by:

Signature of Secretary

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